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Hoe schrijf je je in als official voor een wedstrijd?

Hoe schrijf je je in als official voor een wedstrijd?

Wil je je graag inschrijven als official voor een wedstrijd? KBWSF heeft een overzicht gemaakt hoe je dat doet via EMS:

How to enter a competition as an official

1. You have to be registered in EMS, if you haven’t received an invitation to do so please contact dany.debakker@gmail.com

2. In order that Dany can send you the invitation letter you need to inform her about your name (right spelling !), year of birth, nationality and most important : your personal email address !

3. Go to EMS -> ems.iwwf.sport

4. Login with your id and password (look in the invitation mail which IWWF-EMS has send you via Dany.)

5. Click on “My Jury Panels” on the left of the screen

6. Click on “New Participation”

7. Use the filter to select a competition

Easy to select discipline and country and click on “search”

8. Click on “select” next to the competition you want to officiate

9. Thick the Duty you want to do and add your level as official

10. Submit your participation and confirm.

It is not a given that you will get selected to officiate at a competition. Depending on the kind of competition it is either the EC Council, the national Technical Committee or the organizer who will compose the panel with the officials.

In Belgium it is the national Technical Committee which will do so.

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