FAQ EMS & IWWF-licentie

Vele van de onderstaande FAQ's zijn volledig overgenomen uit de nieuwsbrieven van IWWF, en dus ook niet meer vertaald. Maar op deze manier zijn de aandachtspunten voor de skiërs samengevat op deze locatie.

Alle nieuwsbrieven hieromtrent kan je hier terugvinden.

IWWF Licences – Payment receipt

When purchasing an IWWF Licence, the ordering person receives TWO receipts:

  • One financial receipt automatically issued by the payment platform STRIPE which is the proof of the payment
  • One order confirmation indicating the licence number, licence type and amount per Athlete for which an IWWF Licence has been ordered. It is possible to buy in bulk licences for several Athletes.
  • The EMS system cannot issue other receipts than the two above-mentioned, nor retroactive invoices. The one or the other above-mentioned receipts should be enough to prove the purchase of the licence.

    Change of email address in the EMS system

    Changing an email address in the EMS system must be done at two places:

    1) as contact address in the athlete’s profile (can be done by the user or the Federation Administrator)

    2) as login address (can only be done by the user because it's linked to his/her personal password). Procedure:

    - login into the member section with the old email

    - click the old email on top right of the welcome page

    - click "change email"

    - register the new email and confirm "change email"

    - the user receives an email of "invitation" from the system to the new email address. He/she and must click "I agree" and the system will confirm the change.

    We should simplify this procedure in the future. It's one of the enhancements on the list for EMS version 3 but in the meantime, we must do it at the two places as explained above.

    Jury - Officials

    Jury Panel invitations to Officials

    The Jury Panel function of a competition allows that Organisers, Federation or Discipline Administrators can invite Officials to participate in the Jury Panel of a competition. When the invitation is submitted the Official will see a notification on his “My Jury Panels” menu and can confirm his availability by clicking on the Accept or Reject button. The status field will show the current situation of the Official. He may change or cancel the participation through appropriate buttons later on.

    IMPORTANT: Your Officials should consult regularly their “My Jury Panels” menu function and respond to notifications. No emails are sent to Officials. Currently it is possible to assign an Official to a Jury Panel even if he/she has not been invited as an EMS User. Consequently, the Official cannot monitor his invitations in EMS and it is up to the Organiser to communicate the invitation to the Official outside EMS. However, this function will change in the future and it will not be possible anymore to invite Officials to a Jury Panel if they are not invited/confirmed EMS Users.

    Officials can ask for participation in the Jury Panel of a competition

    Similar to the function “Jury Panel Invitations to Officials” above, an Official can request his participation in the Jury Panel of a competition. Depending on the type of competition the Organiser, Federation or Discipline Administrator can confirm the request through the “Accept/Reject” buttons on the Jury Panel tab of the Competition Details. The Official can consult the status of the request on his “My Jury Panel” menu function. No emails are sent and EMS expects that the Official regularly monitors his Jury Panel EMS menu.

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